Haitian Art Masters – Blessed With Imagination and Creativity

Haitian art, especially their original oil paintings and wooden sculptures are among the most appreciated art form in the world. You can see a real reflection of the beauty of the country, its culture and its beliefs in Haitian art. Before the art form became popular, the Haitian used to make these paintings on the walls of their huts, their caves, and sometimes even on their bodies. Most of the ancient artists used to tells stories and depict real life scenarios in vivid realism through their paintings. Although Haiti has been constantly suffering from misery and poverty, what is striking is the fact the Haitian art masters always find a way to depict joyfulness in their art. The color, vibrancy and life in these art pieces make them so unique and popular.

Haitian art masters have always been known for their creativity and expertise of the visual arts. From wooden sculptures to metal drum arts, basket weaving, pottery, mural to original oil paintings on canvas, the artists have the capability to showcase everyday struggle and joy through their art. Haitian artist base consists of a well blend of both classically trained artists as wel as the self-trained artists who have mastered the art over a period of time.

Haitian art have received high level of critical appreciation from the entire world. It has also served as a major influence for several other art forms in the world. There are several Haitian art master who have carved a niche for themselves in the art world and have introduced many different art forms and styles. These artists have a unique capability to portray profound joy in all their creations. However this is highly contradictory to the real life in Haiti which is highly subjected to poverty. Haitian art have also given birth to an art form that is known as intuitive art. This art is characterized by bright raw colors and shapes and sizes that are way different from the normal proportions. The Intutive artists do not follow any rules and use the freedom of creativity when they paint.

Some of the known Haitian artists include the Obin brothers, Philome and Seneque; Hector Hyppolite; Andre Pierre; Garoute; Dieudonne Cedor; Marie-Jose Nandal-Gardere; Andree Malebranche; Philippe Dodard; Jean-Rene Jerome; Lyonel Laurenceau; and many more. In addition to fame and popularity, Haitian artists have also been able to bring attention of entire world to this small nation. They have been able to bring commercial success and hence financial wealth for their country.